Reimbursement List

  • GG no 2219/Β/9.9.2013 - Criteria of the reimbursement list - Translation

    Ministerial Decision no 82961

  • GG 3356/Β/17.12.2012 - New reimbursement list criteria - Translation

    Ministerial Decision No ΔΥΓ3(α)/οικ./19389

  • Ministerial Decision No. DYG3 (a)/oik.104744 entitled: Implementation of a reference pricing system for drawing up, revising and supplementing the list of reimbursed pharmaceutical products”

    OJ 2912/Β/30.10.2012

  • Guidance on e-prescribing

    Translation of the document of the President of EOPYY, Mr. G. Voudouris

    Ref. No.: 40890

  • Revised list of prescribed medicines reimbursed by the social security funds

    (which also includes the retail price of medicinal products)

  • Reimbursement List Criteria - Translation

    Procedure of implementation of reference price system for setting up, revising and supplementing the reimbursement list

    (Number DYG3A/G.P.95872)

  • Reimbursement List, Pricing of Medicinal Products

    Translation of Articles 68 regarding the Reimbursement List and 69 regarding the pricing of medicinal products which has been voted by the Greek Parliament on June 16, 2011

  • ATC index with DDDs 2011
  • Determination of the application of objective criteria for the preparation, revision and supplementation of the Reimbursement list of prescription medicinal products, based on the provisions of article 12, par. 1 case b of law 3616/2010
  • Reimbursement list - High cost medicines (legislative provision)

    Translation of Article 12

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