Proton Pharma

Proton Pharma

CEO: Marios Katsikas 
Number of employees : 45
Turnover : 10.000.000 €


Proton Pharma was founded in 2007 and  its a new Greek pharmaceutical company which aims to offer valuable therapeutic options of high quality and safety at the lowest possible cost.

Our aim is to actively contribute in the development of a modern Health Care environment in collaboration with Health Care Professionals, Authorities, Patients and society.

It is of our belief, that pharmaceutical companies play a crucial role not only In the research and development of drugs but also in shaping the environment making medicines accessible and affordable by everyone.

People working in Proton Pharma have a deep understanding of the needs of the Greek pharma market and do care for the critical Health Issues that trouble Greek Society.

They are quality seekers, direct, flexible and contemporary.

Having years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, at local as well as at international level, they behave in such a way that supports the shaping of a modern Health Care Environment based on long-term & close relationships with all stakeholders: the Health Care Professionals, the Authorities, the patients, the society.

Proton Pharma being a dynamic player in the pharma industry is currently markets several Rx products providing a board spectrum of treatment alternatives for diseases in therapeutic areas of Oncology, Haematology, Nephrology, Neurology, Internal Medicine , Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastrederology etc

Proton Pharma is certificated for  ISO 9001:2008 (LIoyd`s-UKAS)



4 Achaias & Troizinias str. 145 64 , N. Kifissia - Attiki
+30 (210) 210 6254175
+30 (210) 210 6254190

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