Price determination

  • Amendment of certain articles of Chapter 27 "Medicines" of the Market Decree 7/09 & 8/09 (Translation of Market Decree No. 2)

    Article 331 Determination of prices
    Article 332 Profit Margins
    Article 333 Discounts
    Article 335 Locally manufactured-packaged and ready-made imported medicinal products
    Article 336 Investigation of prices - Determination of the price of medicinal products
    Article 337 Pricing of original medicinal products following expiration of the Patent
    Article 338 Medicinal products with the same active ingredient
    Article     2

  • New law on the Pricing of Medicinal Products

    Translation of article 14 of the relevant law on the new price determination system


    The Minister Mrs. Katseli announced that for the determination of the prices will be taken into consideration the prices of the medicinal product in 22 countries of the EU for which official data are available as shown in the table below.

    The prices of medicines in Denmark, Estonia, Malta and Sweden will not be taken into consideration.

  • Translation of Press Release by the Ministry of Economy about the Medicinal Products Price Determination Policy
  • Amendment of certain articles of Chapter 27 "Medicines" of the Market Decree - Market Decree No 8

    O.J. 1834/B/Sep. 3, 2009
    (Unofficial Translation)

  • Amendment of the pricing system

    Article 18 of Law 3790 (O.J. 143A/7.8.2009)

  • Prices of Medicinal Products

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