18.04.2013 – EPhForT (EBEA Pharmaceutical Forum Team) Meeting


Athens, 18/04/2013

“Growth and Investments:
1. Clinical Research
2. Production of Medicines in Greece”

Thursday, April 18th 2013. Athens, Greece. An event of the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry Pharmaceutical Forum Team, EPhForT, took place today, regarding the new legislation on clinical research put forward last February. Clinical research has a major leverage for growth, as well as for patients’ access to novel treatments and development of new innovative drugs.
One year following its foundation, in view of achieving the aim to make Greece an international reference centre for the development of clinical research, EPhForT managed to mobilize forces both from the public and the private sector and to make possible an important Joint Ministerial Decision on Clinical Trials. This effort was reinforced by Deputy Minister of Health, M. Marios Salmas as well as by Professor Emeritus Konstantinos Dimopoulos, former Dean, University of Athens and President of the National Ethics Committee for Clinical Trials.

Mr C. Labropoulos General Secretary of EPhForT coordinated the session. The host, M. Κ. Michalos, President of the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce (UHCCI) & ACCI announced the opening of the event. An opening address and speech by M. Dionyssios Filiotis, President of EPhForT followed. The importance of clinical trials as a power machine for the national economy and the health industry in all respects was underlined. This new legislation adopted on February 2013 is only the first step. Deputy Minister of Health, M. Marios Salmas spoke of the determination of the government to adopt all necessary changes to improve the environment for clinical trials to develop in Greece. Interventions by M. Yiannis Tountas, President of EOF –who declared his intention to reinforce EPhForT initiative and emphasized the National Ethics Committee role – and by Professor Emeritus K. Dimopoulos followed. Also, President of Medical Society of Athens, A. Skoutelis, Vice-President of Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE), I. Vlontzos, President of Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF), D. Demos spoke. Summarizing M. D. Filiotis highlighted the major national goal – which is also EPhForT’s goal – of attracting international pharma industry production in Greek production units in order to export them to third countries worldwide.

EPhForT will continue submitting proposals for regulatory framework integration and recalling anti-motivation such as scientific staff remuneration, resource management, but also observing of laws and ethics regulations regarding the conduct and supervision of clinical trials.

Today, investment in clinical research conducted by Greek scientists rose from € 80 million in 2011 to € 110 million in 2012, and has the potential to climb to € 400 million on the following years, with the State’s support.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and of the Ministry of Health / Supported by the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE), Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF) & Association of Greek Self Medication Industry (EFEX).