Announcement of the President and the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) on the latest developments

Halandri, May 22, 2012

The intense uncertainty observed lately in our country and its economy as a result of the prolonged pre-election period, is highly dangerous.

It’s time for all to assume responsibility!

Our primary concern is patients and citizens of our country. The medicines and the treatments we provide constitute the highest social commodity. The pharmaceutical industry, both multinational and Greek, has demonstrated with its actions the highest credibility and responsibility in confronting the difficulties and entanglements put forward by the government.

Especially, since 2009 we have accepted measures with enormous economic impact for enterprises and our employees, so as to contribute substantially in the effort to contain public pharmaceutical expenditure.

As a result of these measures public pharmaceutical expenditure has been reduced by 40% in the last two years, while public debts to pharmaceutical companies and the other stakeholders of the sector accumulate at an increasing rate, consisting an unbearable burden.

Nevertheless, we have supported and will continue to support, to the extent possible, the effort of the State for further combating waste of resources and mismanagement in the health sector, so as to ensure the stability of public finances, and the viability  of our enterprises.

SFEE is ready to cooperate with responsibility in reaching commonly accepted solutions, both with the present government as well as with the government to be formed following the elections, so that Greek citizens continue to have uninterrupted access to the medicines, treatments and healthcare they are entitled to.