Announcement on: Pricing of Medicinal Products

Press Release

Halandri, July 16, 2010

SFEE welcomes the Government’s decision to finally proceed with the re-pricing of all medicinal products by implementing article 14 of Law 3840/March 2010. The Pricing Committee will validate the new prices in a meeting scheduled for August, 19. SFEE highlights once again, its willingness to provide additional data or any kind of support, should the Committee require it, in order to issue the new Price Bulletin.

SFEE reiterates that article 14 of Law 3840 is an objective, fair, transparent, verifiable and effective solution which clearly guarantees even further containment of resources for the Social Insurance Funds, in comparison to the flat price reductions imposed by the Government. Simultaneously, it will ensure the smooth operation of the market, the availability of medicinal products and the direct access of all treatments for patients. The implementation of article 14 of Law 3840 is a very harsh measure for the pricing system and thus the pharmaceutical companies. Nonetheless, this solution is acceptable due to the fiscal situation our country is facing and will be until the IT infrastructure of the health system is fully completed. Parallel to this, the implementation of article 14 of Law 3840 will limit the domino effect of the prices of the medicinal products in other European countries which has deeply alarmed the European pharmaceutical sector.

Moreover, the President of SFEE, Mr. Dionysios Filiotis, stated that only the streamlining of the IT infrastructure can put an end to the waste and ensure the viability of the social healthcare system.