Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

The report “The Pharmaceutical Market in Greece: Facts & Figures 2019” was produced by Health Economics Observatory research staff of IOBE with the cooperation of SfEE’s Data Monitoring Committee.

This report provides the most comprehensive summary of the key data and information on the pharmaceutical market in Greece and aims to inform both our members and all stakeholders about the wider health sector. In this year’s edition, we attempted to highlight the most important social and economic changes after a long period of recession, as well as the impact of fiscal adjustment programs on health and in particular on pharmaceuticals, through a comparison with other EU countries and also with countries that have implemented adjustment programs.

Following the completion of the adjustment programs, Greece has entered the European Semester and thus a strategic vision and roadmap based on data are needed to shape the national healthcare and pharmaceutical policy. This vision cannot be disconnected from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis which seems to be the catalyst for tidal changes in the society, the economy, and the health sector itself.

Τhe Facts and Figures 2019 report is accompanied by a special edition of Infographics

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