Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

The report “The Pharmaceutical Market in Greece: Facts & Figures 2021” was produced by research staff of IOBE in collaboration with SfEE’s Data Monitoring Committee.

This report intends to provide the most comprehensive overview of key facts and data of the pharmaceutical market in Greece, to inform both our members and other stakeholders in the broader health sector.

More specifically, this year’s edition attempt to include all data available until the end of 2021, to present an updated profile of the pharmaceutical market and the main changes that occurred.

This year’s edition takes place in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, an unprecedented crisis for the world, which underscored the definite importance of the discovery. development and access to new diagnostics, new treatments and vaccines to tackle global health threats, the sufficient financing of health systems, but also cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and governments.

However, the COVID-19 crisis has also demonstrated the crucial importance of the productive capacity of Europe and our country. At the same time, it demonstrates the immediate need to create and sustain a political and economic environment that supports innovation and research and development.



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