Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of SFEE is a living and dynamic framework of rules relating to the promotion of pharmaceutical products for human use, based on professional responsibility, ethics and transparency. It was implemented for the first time in March 2002.

It is addressed to all pharmaceutical companies and the wider scientific community of health professionals. Basically, it is an instrument of self-regulation of the pharmaceutical companies that are members of SFEE and even those who are not, if they wish to follow it.

The Code of Ethics is updated at a regular basis and is in harmony with both the Code of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Associations (EFPIA), and the Code of the National Medical Association.

The recent revision of the Code took place following the collective effort and participation of all member companies of SFEE since everyone recognized the need to clarify some parameters or to modify / make stricter a few others, as well as to introduce new stricter rules and practices. In this way, the pharmaceutical industry gives a message for more transparency, adapted to our time, in Greece of the crisis.


In the context of the implementation of the Code of Ethics of SFEE, member companies can submit their complaints for any violation by mail, in person or via email to the email address: [email protected]. Complaints can be either eponymous or anonymous. Complaints will be received by SFEE’s legal service, which will insure the anonymity of the complaint.

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