Ms Zefi Vostitsanou assumes the duties of the Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 – The duties of the Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs of SFEE were assumed by Ms Zefi Vostitsanou following the retirement of Ms Sofia Mela, after a long and successful course of the latter in the sector of the pharma industry.

Ms Votsitsanou has a twenty-four year professional experience in the field of medicines both in Greece and abroad Greece, while from 2002 until today she held key positions in the pharmaceutical company Genesis Pharma with the most recent being that of the Public Affairs Manager with main competencies Market Access and Pricing & Reimbursement.

She has studied Chemistry in the University of Stuttgart, Germany, while she speaks fluently both English and German. It is worth mentioning that during her co-operation with Genesis Pharma, she has also acted as Business Unit Manager CNS for Southeast Europe, a position that granted her valuable experience in crisis management.

SFEE particularly expresses its gratitude to Ms Mela for her contribution and zeal exhibited through all these years and wishes her the best in terms of success and personal happiness.

Finally, SFEE welcomes Ms Vostitsanou and wishes her a successful new course for the common good of the industry’s undertakings.