Dear Colleagues,


Given that both hospitals and EOPYY (IKA) are in the process of repayment of outstanding debts, it was decided that SFEE will collect monthly data on the outstanding debts of the State to the pharmaceutical companies. By collecting monthly comparative data, both SFEE and member companies will be able to have a comprehensive picture of the evolution of payments and to identify any problems that exist in order to take the necessary actions.

It is noted that the companies when completing the attached table should incorporate in their collections and the amounts that have been offset through the existing process with the rebate and clawback. In addition, if any hospital does not appear on the attached table, please add it on a new row.

We would also like to inform you that the columns related to the total sales and revenues to pharmaceutical companies of SFEE for invoices issued up to 31.12.2012 has been merged into one column, and for this reason you are kindly requested to fill in one column the remaining debts up to 31.12.2012.

Additionally, you are also kindly requested to fill the remaining debts for 2013 only  in one column.

You are kindly requested to send the relevant information no later than Friday, June 26 2015. Pharmaceutical companies are kindly requested to meet the above mentioned deadline, in order to have immediate information re the individual actions aiming at repayment of debts.

It is noted that companies’ data are strictly confidential and will only be used for pivot tables. You are kindly requested to use the attached file.

Kind regards