SFEE calls for the immediate and thorough implementation of Article 14 of Law 3840/March 2010

Press Release

Athens, May 26 2010

SFEE announces that an application for the Annulment of Market Decrees 2/2010, 3/2010 and the temporary Price Bulletin was submitted yesterday before the Council of State. In the coming days SFEE intends to submit applications for the suspension of the above government decisions, which violate the law, the Constitution and the Community Law.

SFEE urges the Government to implement the only objective, fair, transparent and verifiable solution that is Article 14 of Law 3840 which the Government has voted and which ensures the expected saving of resources for Social Security. Due to the extremely difficult financial situation of the country, SFEE, in a historic compromise, accepts the implementation of Article 14 of the Law, until the computerisation of the system is completed and addresses a plea to the Government to immediately implement it without any further delay or restriction. The implementation of Article 14 of the Law will ensure significant saving for resources for Social Security and public hospitals as well as the smooth operation of the market.