A Global Company

Astellas Pharma is one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world, employing 60 people in Greece.

Since the merger of Yamanouchi and Fujisava in 2005, Astellas Pharma continues to remain committed to Changing tomorrow, turning innovative science into value for patients.

Across our diverse areas of therapeutic expertise, we use our agility to follow the science and develop medicines that improve the lives of men, women and children.

We are determined to answer the unmet medical needs of people around the world, and the many healthcare professionals and caregivers who support them. We continually invest in new medicines, technologies and therapeutic areas, and work tirelessly to improve access to healthcare solutions for those that need them most.

Addressing these needs can be a huge challenge – one that cannot be achieved by one single person or organization alone – so we build partnerships and networks, working in collaboration with others who share our vision to improve the future of medicine and complement our expertise.

Our people are the driving force behind what we do. Their passion inspires us to be a dynamic organization, committed to continually learning and challenging ourselves to make a difference to the lives of patients. Our values of patient focus, ownership, results, openness and integrity are the foundation of our culture, guiding everything that we do.

This is how we are Changing tomorrow.

In Astellas Greece, we focus on four important therapeutic areas: Oncology, Urology, Transplantation & Anti –Infectives.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Astellas Pharma Inc. highlights our attitude towards all our stakeholders-healthcare professionals, shareholders, employees, and the global community. It embodies our vision of unceasingly contributing to the health of people around the world by providing innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products, and thereby constantly enhancing the enterprise value of Astellas Pharma Inc.


Chairman of BoD & Managing Director Astellas Greece, Cyprus & Malta:

Harry Nardis


6-8 Agisilaou, 15123, Marousi


+30 (210) 8189900


+30 (216) 8008998




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Contact Person:

Charalampos Lamprou