Baxalta Greece

Baxalta  is a leading  biopharmaceutical company advancing innovative therapies in Hematology, Immunology, and Oncology.

In Hematology, Baxalta is a worldwide leader in the development of treatments for Hemophilia with a legacy of over 60 years of experience.  Baxalta strives for excellence on behalf of patients, caregivers and healthcare providers, by understanding   their journey and delivers breakthrough therapies and personalized services.

 Baxalta has treatment options in Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B and Acquired Hemophilia and future additional focus is on von Willebrand disease, Gene therapy for Hemophilia and  Thrombocytopenia.

The vision of Baxalta for Hemophilia is a Life without Bleeds.

Baxalta’s vision for Immunology is innovation to meet the unmet needs of patients with immune system disorders. Already a leading global provider of differentiated immunoglobulin treatments for immune deficiency disorders, Baxalta’s growing portfolio of Immunology products and services aims to help transform patient lives. Baxalta is a leader in the development and processing of therapies derived from human plasma and continues to invest in one of the largest and most sophisticated plasma collection networks to support the growing global demand for plasma derived treatments.

In the future, other than existing treatment options, the focus will be on psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.

This is our spark at Baxalta. This is how we serve, with our hearts and our heads. This is how we make a meaningful difference so that our patients can dream big and experience life to the fullest.

Mailing Address:
Marinou Antypa 47 & Anafis,  Neo Herakleion,  Athens 141 21

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+30 210 27 80 000

+30 210 27 80 100

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Email:[email protected]