Members Subscription

Requirements for the registration of a new member

The company interested to become member of SFEE addresses [1] a letter to SFEE, accompanied by the following documents:

  • A letter of reference signed by two SFEE member companies
  • The company articles of association (statutes)
  • The company balance sheet showing that during the previous fiscal year, the turnover of medicinal products exceeded €2,000,000 (General Assembly Decision of April 3th 2009)
  • A list of the company’s medicinal products
  • A declaration that the new member is aware of the SFEE Code of Practice Provisions and complies with them

The new members’ registration fee amounts to €6.000
(General Assembly Decision of March 30th 2004)

Calculation of the yearly membership fee

(General Assembly Decision of March 19th 2010)

  1. The minimum yearly membership fee of member companies is 6.000 €, the maximum fee for the year 2010 is 100.000 € and from 2011 onwards it will be updated on a yearly basis by the ¾ percentage  of the increase of their turnover reported in  IMS.
  2. For member companies with a medicinal products turnover up to 100.000.000 € the yearly membership fee will be 0,06% of their turnover*.
  3.  For member companies with a medicinal products turnover exceeding 100.000.000 € (i) for up to 100.000.000 €, the yearly membership fee will be 0,06% of their turnover* (ii) for the amount exceeding €100.000.000, it will be 0,035% of their turnover*.

*     It is pointed out that the medicinal products turnover is calculated on the basis of the total turnover in the balance sheet of the previous fiscal year of the company, after deducting clawbacks and rebates (General Assembly Decision of March 16th 2017), the turnover of direct exports (but not parallel exports) and of products not classified as medicinal products.

It is specified that medicinal products are those products whose prices are determined by the Ministry of Health.

[1] Kifissias Ave. & 3, Agriniou Str., 152 32 Halandri, Athens, Greece
Tel.: (+30) 210 68 91 101, Fax: (+30) 210 68 91 060