Foundation date:

President and Managing Director:
Susanne Kohout

Head count (2014):

Turnover (2014):
€ 369.000.000


Fortune – “Most Admired Companies in Greece 2011” – Novartis #1 pharmaceutical company in Fortune’s Most Admired Companies in Greece 2011

Active Business Awards – “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2015” – Top pharmaceutical company in Greece

Ethos Sustainability Awards 2015 – Gold Award for “Anapneo” campaign

Digital Media Awards 2014 – Bronze Award for “Life Fans” campaign

Great Place to Work – “Best Workplaces 2013”

Great Place to Work – “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces 2013”

CRI 2013 – Gold Award

The history of Novartis dates back two centuries with 3 companies: Geigy, Ciba and Sandoz. In 1970, Ciba and Geigy merged to create Ciba-Geigy and then, in 1996, Sandoz and Ciba merged to create Novartis. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Novartis Group companies operate in more than 180 countries around the world and employ approx. 120.000 associates.

Novartis AG is focused on 3 sectors:

• Pharmaceuticals – innovative, patent-protected medicines
• Sandoz (generic medicines)
• Alcon, global leader in eye care (surgical, pharmaceutical and vision care products)

Novartis Hellas, which belongs to the Novartis Group AG, is a leading and dynamic company in the Greek pharmaceutical area. Novartis Hellas business activities are focused on the sectors of pharmaceuticals and OTC products.

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable development rests on four pillars:

1. Patients

Our company’s strategy is patient focused, in order to maximize the benefits we can provide them.

• Innovative, safe and high quality products
• Steady and continuous support of Patients Advocacy Groups either with financial grants or with the organization of educational seminars for particular diseases
• More than 80 clinical studies conducted in Greece investing more than € 9 million
• Investing € 3.8 million in programs of corporate responsibility in 2014

2. Ethical Business Conduct

We adhere to high ethical practices in all business by following the:

• International Codes (EFPIA, EFCPIA)
• National Codes (EOF legislation)
• National Law (e.g. SFEE Code of Conduct)
• Moreover, Novartis has developed a framework like the Novartis Code of Conduct and NP4 (Novartis Pharma Principles & Practices for Professionals)

3. Our People and Communities

We are an integral part of the communities where we work. Our people are the key to our success. We base our human resources policies and practices on integrity, courage and collaboration. We care for our associates and provide them with a safe and healthy workplace, which embraces diversity and rewards innovation and creativity.

• With continuous training and development
• With additional social benefits to all employees
• With evaluation and rewards to employees
• With actions for work and life balance

Each year, Novartis commemorates the anniversary date of its creation with the Community Partnership Day, which provides an excellent opportunity for associates all over the world to make a difference in their local communities. This day, they set aside their workplaces to find themselves between people who are in need.

Novartis returns a large part of its turnover to the society, through taxes (direct and indirect), suppliers, payroll, insurance, investment in research, production value etc.

4. Environmental Care

We focus on reducing our use of natural resources and minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities, as well as the life cycle of our products.

• In Novartis Hellas, paper and batteries are regularly recycled.
• We actively contribute to the efforts for packaging recycle, offering annually more than € 50.000 to the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation.
• To minimize greenhouse-gas emissions and its environmental impact, Novartis’ associates are encouraged to use hybrid fleet cars.
• Over the last years, we have reduced the consumption of water through its sustainable use while watering and preventing leakages.

National Road Athens-Lamia (12th km), 144 51 Metamorphosis, Athens

(+30) 210 2811712