PHARMANEL Pharmaceuticals S.A.

President & CEO
Dimitris P. Giannakopoulos

PHARMANEL Pharmaceuticals S.A. was established in 1991, and since then, the company’s financial figures show continuous, consistent growth. In a short period, the company has reached the top places among Greek pharmaceutical companies. PHARMANEL produces, represents, promotes and distributes pharmaceutical products and medical devices. A range of high quality products that covers a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical categories, with particular specialization in the following areas:

1. Immunology
2. Infectious diseases
3. Gastroenterology
4. Oncology
5. Urology
6. Ophthalmology
7. Cardiovascular system diseases
8. Central nervous system diseases
9. Musculoskeletal system diseases
10. Respiratory system diseases
11. Food Supplements

PHARMANEL cooperates with leaders in the industry, while the company’s products are exported to Europe, Asia and Far East. Its international network of clients is continuously expanding. PHARMANEL headquarters are situated in Gerakas, Attica (106 Marathonos Avenue) in an office complex consisting of 1.600 To coordinate the company’s activities in Northern Greece, PHARMANEL operates offices in Thessaloniki. Our pharmaceutical products are manufactured by ONE Pharma S.A.

A proud characteristic of the company, from the very beginning, is the mutual respect and appreciation PHARMANEL shares with the medical community. By developing trustworthy relationships, our personnel functions, simultaneously, as consultants to medical and pharmaceutical professionals, providing support through up-to-date information.

Believing in a philosophy of life-long training, we offer our staff the initiative to grow, develop their abilities and excel by thinking creatively and innovatively. Thus, in an atmosphere of high professional consistency and responsibility, knowledge and individual expertise create a competitive advantage for our people.

In this new environment, created by the impressive medical and pharmaceutical developments, PHARMANEL plays a major role. We follow the developments and participate in their realization. We utilize the results of international research, contribute our own dynamic input and elicit distinctions from international organizations.

Our vision: to continue producing pharmaceutical products which contribute to better health. We draw our strength from the long-term values which have established our name: support to the physician, respect for the patient, trustworthy to all.

106 Marathonos Avenue, 153 44, Gerakas Attikis

+ 30 (210) 60 48 560

+ 30 (210) 66 13 013


[email protected]