Year of foundation:

General Manager:
Frédéric Fouilloux

Number of employees (30/07/2015):
150 people

“Where there is love of humankind, there is also love of the art of medicine”


Servier was founded in 1954 in Orléans (France) by Dr. Jacques Servier and is the first independent French pharmaceutical group, operating in 140 countries. The Servier Group employs more than 21,000 people worldwide, 3,000 of whom work in the Research and Development. More than 25% of the turnover of the Servier Group is reinvested in the Research and Development.

Our principles:
Our company is a research-based organization dedicated to the future and following three key principles:
• The most obvious principle is the discovery of innovative drugs to enable physicians to bring relief to patients, to treat and cure them.
• Just as importantly, we want our research to contribute to the progress of medicine. Research to us is at least as vital as being an industry.
• Our third principle is all the more crucial as it is too often overlooked: it is that every person working for us should find fulfillment through and in what he or she does.

The Servier Research Group operates in the following therapeutic fields:
1. Cardiovascular diseases (Coronary Artery Disease, Venous Disease, Hypertension)
2. Oncology
3. Central Nervous System (Depression)
4. Metabolic diseases and Rheumatology (Type II Diabetes and Osteoporosis)

• Servier is ranked 8th European investor in the pharmaceutical sector. This ranking, by the European Commission, concerning the industrial investments in the Research and Development (R&D), positions Servier as a major investor both at the European and world level. (
• VALDOXAN® (agomelatine) was awarded the price of the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” in psychiatry/neurology, in Germany, in September 2009.
• PROCORALAN® (ivabradine) was awarded the “Prix Galien 2009” in Germany. This award followed the prices for PROCORALAN® given in France, Spain and Italy, in 2008.
• PROCORALAN® (ivabradine) was awarded the “Galenus-von-Pergamon-Preis 2009” in the category of primary healthcare, during a ceremony in Berlin.

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