katastatiko_img  According to the Statutes of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, SFEE is a non-profit association.


The objective of the Association shall be to protect and pursue, by any lawful and appropriate means, the overall professional interests of its members.


Membership of the Association can be regular or honorary.


Eligible for becoming regular members shall be corporations engaging in the manufacturing and/or marketing of medicinal products in Greece, provided that during the previous financial year their turnover in medicinal products exceeded a certain threshold determined by the General Assembly on recommendation from the Board of Directors


Honorary membership may be granted to natural persons who are commonly acknowledged to have paid exceptional service to the industry in the pursuit of the Association’s objects. The granting of honorary membership shall be subject to a decision of the General Assembly adopted on a recommendation from ten regular members to the Board of Directors.


The governing bodies of the Association shall be the General Assembly of members, the Board of Directors, the Director-General, the Disciplinary Board and the Auditors.


The General Assembly shall be convened by decision of the Board of Directors to an ordinary meeting within the first four months of every year and to an extraordinary meeting whenever deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

The General Assembly shall be in a quorum at the first meeting when at least half of its regular members with the right to vote are present. Failing that, an adjourned meeting shall be called with the same agenda and in the same place and time on the same day of the following week, at which one fourth of the regular members in good standing must be present.


The Association shall be administered by a fifteen-member Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly and comprising the Chairman, six Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-General, a Treasurer and six other Members.

The Board of Directors shall meet regularly once a month and extraordinarily whenever deemed necessary by the Chairman or requested in writing of the Chairman by at least two regular members, stating the proposed agenda.

The decisions of the Board of Directors shall be adopted by an absolute majority of the members present; in the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


The Chairman or his legal alternate, which is determined by the President at the first meeting of the Board of Directors, shall represent the Association before any natural or legal person as well as before any judicial, administrative, municipal or other authority.


The Director-General shall have the administration and supervision of the Association’s services, communication on behalf of the Association with Administrative Services, Ministries, Political Parties, Media, the Members of the Association and participation in bodies of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA)


The Disciplinary Board shall consist of three members, elected by the General Assembly, and shall decide by simple majority. The Disciplinary Board shall recommend to the General Assembly on the exclusion of any regular member which fails to comply with any sanctions imposed on it by decisionof the Appeals Committee responsible for the enforcement of the Code of Ethics of the Association. The Disciplinary Board shall deal with any matter that may lead to exclusion of a member either on its own initiative or at the request of any regular member.


Two Auditors, representatives of regular members of the Association, shall monitor and audit the management of the Association’s property. These shall be elected by the General Assembly.  The auditors shall every year submit to the General Assembly in ordinary meeting a written report on the management of the Association’s property.


Regular recourses

Regular resources shall be the entry fees of the regular members, their annual subscription dues and income from the Association’s property.

Non-Regular recourses

Extraordinary resources shall include pecuniary penalties imposed on members that fail to comply with the provisions of the SFEE Code of Ethics, donations, inheritances and any other income from a lawful origin, as well as any extraordinary dues imposed by decision of the General Assembly. The entry fee and the annual subscription dues payable by regular members for each calendar year shall be determined by decision of the General Assembly.


The financial year of the Association shall begin on the 1st of January and shall end on the 31st of December of each calendar year.

Statute SFEE – Archive pdf (102 KB)