UCB is driven to ensure that everyone can live the best life they can, as free as possible from the challenges and uncertainty of disease. This ambition fuels our purpose: creating value in the lives of the people we serve, now and into the future.

Our research and development activity across neurology, immunology, and other areas where our expertise aligns with unmet needs is driven by our connection to the people we serve. Their unique and diverse perspectives serve as guides and inspiration as we explore the furthest reaches of science and medical knowledge. We listen to and learn from them, ensuring that our work has the greatest possible impact by delivering differentiated solutions that create value that cannot be expressed in numbers alone. We seek out tools, technologies, employees and partners that let us respond to patient needs with purposeful innovations that make a truly meaningful impact.

From our headquarters in Belgium to nearly 40 countries around the world, we pursue that ambition each day, promoting a culture of collaboration and curiosity that values diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We are committed to caring for each other, for our communities, for the planet, and for the people who inspire our work.

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