Statement – We are on your side. Keep up the inspections


Athens, April 24, 2013 – In view of the operation launched by the Sub-Division for Dealing with Organized Crime of the Attica Security Division in collaboration with the Financial & Economic Crime Unit, SFEE expresses its full support to the authorities’  efforts to combat any actions giving rise to pharmaceutical supply shortages that deprive Greek patients of medicines necessary for their health and  disrupt their access to treatments. At a very critical time for healthcare in our country, SFEE supports efforts to protect the domestic market from such illegal activities and welcomes intensive inspections aimed at product quality assurance.

The State should strengthen the operational resources of the National Organization for Medicines by assigning the scientific staff required for intensifying certification audits and speeding up procedures. This is all the more necessary in  the current economic conjuncture, when  the painful measures already taken contribute, among other things, to extremely low prices for medicines in our country, leaving room  for speculation in the form of  re-exports to countries of northern Europe.

In this respect, we welcome the decision of the Ministry of Health to impose heavier penalties on offenders and we state our commitment to actively assist in the elimination of such phenomena.