The Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) represents one of the most innovative, productive and extrovert sectors of the national economy. It encompasses more than 95% of the pharmaceutical industry operating in Greece. Its 62 member companies – 20 Greek and 42 multinationals – are constantly investing in the development of effective medicines and treatments with a view to safeguarding the right of all citizens to health and better quality of life.

SFEE was established in 1982 and for more than 36 years now has championed the common interests of patients, pharmaceutical companies and their workforce. Since 1983, SFEE has been a member of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), which is the voice of the pharmaceutical industry at the European Union level. EFPIA represents 34 associations of pharmaceutical companies in the EU Member States and 1,900 companies committed to researching, developing and bringing to patients new medicines that improve health and quality of life around the world.

With a high sense of responsibility towards Greek society, we act in the service of the common interests of the citizens, the State and the pharmaceutical companies. Our vision and mission are reflected in the formulation and support of principled and well-founded views that can crucially contribute to promoting public health and patients’ access to innovative and generic medicines. Compliance with the new, strict ethical rules is a fundamental requirement for all our member companies.

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide, and of course in Greece, play a pivotal role and make an undeniable contribution in the effort to achieve a high level of public health and thereby create conditions for economic growth and social progress.

The world pharmaceutical industry is one of the most dynamic, but also most sensitive, sectors of the global economy. The new medicines and revolutionary treatments are developed in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies across the globe. We work systematically to maintain and strengthen the momentum of the ongoing pharmaceutical revolution and enhance mankind’s arsenal in the fight against diseases.

Our vision

All our actions and initiatives are guided by our strong and modern vision, which is focused on maximizing citizens’ benefit from scientific progress in research and development of new medicines.

Our vision is a modern and sustainable healthcare system in Greece which will provide patients with equal and early access to the best and safest treatments and medicines; support innovation and foster R&D of new treatments and medicines; provide accurate and comprehensive information to citizens enabling them to make informed decisions about their health; and ensure the highest security of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

We are committed to assist policymakers in sustaining Greece’s economic growth and competitiveness, by helping to balance healthcare budgets and to provide for a healthy and productive workforce. We adopt the most effective approach in order to deliver to society the innovative medicines needed to tackle current and potential health threats.

Our values

Our values express our core beliefs and underlie our initiatives which aspire to make a decisive contribution towards better public health and patients’ access to innovative medicines and treatments. We have identified nine values, which delineate who we are, who we have been and what we expect for the future. These values reflect the central role of pharmaceutical companies in achieving a high level of public health, thereby helping to create the conditions for social progress and economic growth.

In fulfilling our mission, we are committed to:

  • ensuring access to innovative treatments and new medicines;
  • working systematically to support positions and foster conditions that ensure protection of the human right to access to all innovative and generic medicines and treatments.

Investing in Health

As we see it, the cost of pharmaceuticals is an investment in the health of citizens rather than expenditure. Investing in health brings returns to society and the State compared that exceed manifold the cost of pharmaceuticals and treatments: it can contribute towards achieving key objectives in terms of education, high-skill employment, research and development and, above all, it can help to reduce the burden to the economy entailed by ill health.

Research and Innovation

We are aware that research is the oxygen for a pharmaceutical company as well as for the country as a whole. Further to its direct results, i.e. new products and technologies, research creates innovation and added value, offers a competitive advantage and contributes to overall growth.

Adequacy of supply

We back initiatives aimed to provide multifaceted support to the distribution network and to ensure adequate supply of our products in the Greek market.

Sound management

We believe that computerization and technological modernization of the health system is the only effective and safe option for reining in healthcare expenditure.

A Sustainable Business Environment

We promote a national strategy for research, development, production and exports in the pharmaceutical sector.

Openness and Transparency

We strive to act and communicate in an open and transparent manner and we rigorously adhere to the principles of our Code of Ethics.


As a leading industry, we see is as our duty to set an example of another mentality, tailored to today’s needs, in order to put our country onto a path of trustworthiness and growth.

Social responsibility

Our member companies as an integral part of society, and their perspective is intrinsically linked to the community in which they operate. An alliance of civil society with entrepreneurship is a necessary condition for sustainable, solid and inclusive growth.

We are committed to:

  • speed up the access of every citizen to new medicines and innovative treatments;
  • ensure adequate supply of medicinal products in the market;
  • set standards for quality, safety and value;
  • develop a safe framework for the provision of accurate, reliable and objective information about pharmaceutical products and the advances of science and technology;
  • maintain and efficiently utilize productive capacity and scientific/research human resources;
  • operate in a transparent and honest was and observe the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.