Board & Executive Team

Board & Executive Team


The Board of Directors and the Executive Team of SFEE determine the strategic priorities, the key objectives, the positions and the policy messages of the Association. These positions are communicated in a responsible and transparent manner to the State and the members of the Association, thus ensuring the consistent and open governance of SFEE. The Administration of SFEE cooperates closely with the Committees and Working Groups, aiming at the effective production of work to ensure the sustainability of the healthcare system and the formulation of a patient-centered pharmaceutical policy.


Olympios Papadimitriou

Olympios Papadimitriou

  • President SFEE
  • General Manager of Novo Nordisk

Deputy President and Vice President

Konstantinos Panagoulias

Konstantinos Panagoulias

  • Deputy President and Vice President responsible for Financial Affairs, Development, Hospitals, Labor Affairs and Pricing
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of VIANEX and General Manager of VIAN
Elena Chouliara

Elena Chouliara

  • Vice-President, responsible for Reimbursement, HTA, Negotiation and Pharmaceutical Expenditure
  • Presiden and CEO of AstraZeneca
Spyros Filiotis

Spyros Filiotis

  • Vice-President, Alternate responsible for Reimbursement, HTA, Negotiation and Pharmaceutical Expenditure
  • Vice-President and General Manager of Pharmaserve-Lilly
Dimitris Anagnostakis

Dimitris Anagnostakis

  • Vice-President, responsible for Scientific Affairs and Clinical Studies
  • President and CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim Greece & Cyprus
Agata Jakoncic

Agata Jakoncic

  • Vice-President, Alternate responsible for Scientific Affairs and Clinical Studies
  • President of MSD Greece, Cyprus and Malta
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Our work is supported by the engagement of our members and carried out through our Committees or Working Groups (WGs). These committees, utilizing collective knowledge and experience, promote dialogue and cooperation in order to formulate positions and strategies for addressing and resolving critical issues in the industry.
Eleven (11) committees operate in the Association:

  • Reimbursement & HTA
  • Pricing
  • Communication & Patient Think Tank
  • Public Affairs
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Pharmaceutical Expenditure & Hospitals
  • Legal
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Financial Affairs & Development
  • Documentation
  • Human Resources

The Committees are composed of executives from our member companies, but also experts and other stakeholders with knowledge and experience in the areas of interest.
Indicative areas of action are the following:

  • Ensuring the value and accessibility of medicines.
  • Shaping the current and future environment between the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS.
  • Monitoring financial and compensation issues related to ensuring the sustainability of the NHS and pharmaceutical companies, with a view to improving the commercial, business and investment environment.
  • Strengthening the trust and reputation of the industry through targeted actions on issues that affect the perceptions of society and health professionals in the country.

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