20,000 and going – Medicines donated from SFEE member companies to KEELPNO for refugees



Athens, 8 October 2015 – SFEE responded immediately and in a coordinated manner to the appeal of the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) for medicine donations to cover primary care needs of immigrants arriving at our country.

The Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, placing humans at the heart of its philosophy, acknowledges that the immigration problem is exacerbating the humanitarian crisis experienced in Greece, thus calling for urgent support to the local communities in the face of an unprecedented influx of refugees.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, SFEE acted promptly and flexibly to help alleviate the urgent medical problems of these wretched people and to protect public health, by donating 20,000 packages of medicines.

Several SFEE member companies, namely Bayer, Cana, Leo, Pharmaserve-Lilly, Sanofi and Takeda, have donated antihistamines, antipyretics, antiseptics, antibiotics and other medicines, taking special care of the needs of infants, young children, abused women, the sick and the elderly.

Specifically, they offered:
• antibiotics for treating a broad spectrum of infections;
• analgesics/antipyretics;
• antifungal ointments;
• baby ointments;
• antiseptics;
• antibiotics against Gram-positive bacteria and medicines for dermatological diseases;
• antibiotics against infections and antidyspeptics;
• antibiotics, antihistamines, antidiarrheals, antiacids and expectorants;
• medicines for peptic ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux, anti-inflammatory medicines.

SFEE confirms once again its commitment to support vulnerable social groups and ensure equal and unhindered access of all patients to medicines, by promoting prevention, treatment and medical care when and where needed. In these difficult times, the Association and the pharmaceutical industry are supporting the Greek state and society, translating their philosophy into action for people.

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