22.2.2012 – Translation of Ministerial Decisions implementing the MoU law

Ministerial Decision ΔΥΓ3(α)/οικ. ΓΥ/148
Mandatory electronic registration of prescriptions in the National Organisation for the Provision of Health Services (EOPYY) and other social security funds

Ministerial Decision No. ΔΥΓ3(α)/οικ. ΓΥ/149
Implementation of prescribing by active substance

Ministerial Decision No. ΓΥ 24α
Authenticity tag of medicinal products

Ministerial Decision No. ΔΥΓ3(α)/οικ.ΓΥ/151
Provisions on the pricing of medicinal products

Ministerial Decision No. ΔΥΓ3(α)/οικ. ΓΥ/154
Proprietary medicinal products outside approved indications (off-label)

Ministerial Decision No. Υ4α/οικ.Γ.Υ.155
Universal and mandatory application of prescribing protocols

No. ΔΥΓ3(α)/Γ.Π./οικ. ΓΥ 152
Updated list of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals

Ministerial Decision  ΔΥΓ3(α)/οικ. ΓΥ 147
Approval of lists of medicinal products used for the treatment of serious diseases under para 2 of Article 12 of Law 3816/2010

Joint Ministerial Decision ΔΥΓ3α/οικ. Γ.Υ.153
List of non-reimbursed prescription-only pharmaceuticals


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