5th SFEE Business Day: entrepreneurship and career in one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy


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5th SFEE Business Day: entrepreneurship and career
in one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy


Athens, 13 July 2018 – The SFEE Business Day, held for a fifth year in a row, provided more than 60 young undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of Pharmacy, Medicine, Economics & Business, Science and Technology with insights into the potential and dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry and the emerging trends and employment prospects in the healthcare sector. This year’s SFEE Business Day was held on Tuesday, 10 July 2018, at the auditorium of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), as part of the Business Days programme organised by Professor Iordanis Ladopoulos.

This year’s SFEE Business Day highlighted the pivotal role played by the pharmaceutical industry in both the recovery of the Greek economy and the prosperity of Greek society. Of particular interest was the session in which well-versed company executives shared their experience, describing how the internship and training programmes they implement help to upgrade skills and competencies and enhance employment prospects in the industry. Finally, the participants had the chance to discuss with leading executives of the pharmaceutical industry on the entrepreneurship and employment opportunities offered by the industry, as well as the skills required for a successful career in the sector.

Mr. Olympios Papadimitriou, SFEE President and General Manager of Novo Nordisk, pointed out that “The SFEE Business Day is being held for the fifth consecutive year with great success, but also great interest, and this in itself makes it an influential institution helping young graduates to orientate themselves to the labour market. The participation of speakers from major international and domestic pharmaceutical companies confirms the strong belief of all of us in the industry’s huge growth potential and our commitment to highlight this potential and the contribution it can make to the Greek economy, especially today at a crucial and important time not only for the market and the economy, but also for the country. Our warmest congratulations should go to Professor I. Ladopoulos for his active contribution to this creative effort”.

In turn, Mr. Makis Papataxiarchis, President of the PhRMA Innovation Forum (PIF), Chairman of the AmCham Pharmaceutical Committee and CEO of Janssen Greece, stated that “The pharmaceutical industry worldwide invests in research and development more than any other industry and, with innovation as a catalyst, consistently serves the ultimate good of health. This high value for patients and the society at large is created by the people working in the pharmaceutical industry. Because it is people that make a difference by promoting progress and innovation, shaping a better future. In the dynamic and challenging area of pharmaceuticals, the prospects are huge and the opportunities are many. All one has to do is believe in our vision and serve our mission with respect and integrity”.

Ms. Elena Houliara, CEO of AstraZeneca, noted that “work in the pharmaceutical industry is unique because you know that your effort is aimed to bring the appropriate medicines to as many patients as possible, enabling them to live longer and better lives. Our industry needs people with good moral values, leadership skills and team spirit. Your studies have taught you the theoretical background and a way of thinking. For your further professional development, you have to continue to learn and not be afraid of testing yourselves with different challenges”.

Professor Iordanis Ladopoulos stated that “it has been a great pleasure for us to organise, jointly with SFEE, another outstanding Business Day. The young people who participated had the unique opportunity to listen to and talk with CEOs and senior executives of ten leading pharmaceutical companies and learn about the trends and opportunities offered by the industry. Such exchanges between the business world and young people are extremely useful for both sides, and we would like to thank SFEE for the faith and support it has placed in this project.”

The event featured speeches from CEOs and senior executives of SFEE member companies, in particular: Mr. Christos Christidis, HR Manager, Vianex/Vian; Mr. Makis Grigoriadis, HR Manager, Servier; Ms. Sevi Sfakianaki, Senior Policy Communications Specialist, MSD; Ms. Angelika Tzoumou, HR Head, Bayer Hellas; Ms. Venia Gkegkiou, HR Director, Janssen Greece; Mr. Thanos Mytilinaios, HR Director, Demo; Mr. Spyros Spyropoulos, Head Ophthalmology Franchise, Novartis; and Ms. Athena Stavrou, HR Lead, MSD.

The SFEE Business Day is part of the Association’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Development programme.

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