“proSfEEroume”: A social initiative for vulnerable groups in remote areas of Greece

Press Release


A social initiative for vulnerable groups in remote areas of Greece


Athens, 10 October 2016.- Social responsibility and commitment to giving are the guiding principles underlying the programme “proSfEEroume” (“we provide”), a new initiative launched by the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross (HRC). The mission of “proSfEEroume” is to make an effective contribution towards addressing social inequalities and mitigating the pressing problems faced by vulnerable social groups, and to do so by giving as well by educating. Specifically, the initiative covers needs for medicines, medical supplies, essential goods and consumables, targeting children in remote areas of the country. At the same time, a HRC social worker and nurse team offers health education programmes, aimed to promote healthy lifestyles and raise health awareness among local populations.

The journey started from Rhodes, where a SFEE delegation visited the Children’s Care Centre “Aghia Irini”. Reaching out to about 150 people at the Social Care Centre of the Southern Aegean Region, the “proSfEEroume” initiative delivered medical supplies and consumables to the Centre’s four structures (disabled children, disabled adults, non-dependent elderly people and child protection). This was accompanied by first aid and emergency courses addressed to children and nurses and promoting the concepts of volunteering, child protection and children’s rights as well as contribution to society. The team of instructors comprised of Ms Areti Kentistou, Social Worker, Head of the Service for the Education of Volunteer and Professional Human Resources, and Ms Amalia Lentzou, nurse and HRC instructor, both of whom travelled to Rhodes specifically for this purpose. The SFEE delegation distributed school supplies and toys that put smiles on children’s faces, and also donated a complete pharmacy which will cover the needs of the Boarding House.

A significant partner in the “proSfEEroume” initiative is the Association of Health – Research and Biotechnology Industry (SEIV), which donated supplies through some of its member companies: Ascensia S.A., Bracemedical S.A., Nutricia, Anastassios Mavrogenis – Coloplast S.A., Mageiras Diagnostics S.A. and M.S. Jacovides Hellas.

On the occasion of the “proSfEEroume” initiative, the President of SFEE, Mr. Pascal Apostolides, stated: “We are very pleased and honoured by our strategic partnership with the Hellenic Red Cross in support of structures geared towards vulnerable social groups across Greece. Our “proSfEEroume” initiative started its journey from Rhodes. While children are our priority, our vision is to expand our reach to each and every of our fellow citizens in need across all remote areas of the country. By this programme we prove that our member companies are a powerful ally of the social state, providing much-needed support to vulnerable social groups. Our mission is to be there for those who need us.

At a press conference held in the city of Rhodes, the Director General of SFEE, Mr. Michalis Himonas, underlined the need for more solidarity activities like this, adding: “By this initiative, SFEE is investing in health, society, growth and, more importantly, a brighter future. Rhodes is only the beginning. Always adhering to the values of SFEE and the HRC and their common goal of making our country a better place, our delegation will go on to meet with more and more people throughout Greece, and we are happy to announce our second stop of our itinerary, which will be the Florina Social Care Centre”.

The President of the Hellenic Red Cross, Dr. Antonios Avgerinos, focused on the collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) and noted: “We are very happy to join forces with SFEE in such an important humanitarian project. From the very start, we embraced the vision of the social initiative “proSfEEroume” and we are confident that this is only the beginning in a journey aimed to offer relief, but also effective help to those in need. Besides, the growing social needs and challenges necessitate that we adjust our priorities and undertake innovative, targeted actions that provide tangible proof of the HRC’s modern profile, solidarity and responsiveness to social needs“.


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