About us

About us

About SFEE

The Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) represents one of the most innovative, productive, and extrovert sectors of the national economy. It encompasses more than 95% of the pharmaceutical industry operating in Greece. Its 59 -17 Greek and 42 multinational- member companies are constantly investing in the development of effective medicines and treatments to safeguard the right of all citizens to health and better quality of life.

SFEE was established in 1982 and has championed the common interests of patients, pharmaceutical companies, and their workforce. Since 1983, SFEE has been a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), which is the voice of the pharmaceutical industry at the European Union level. In October 2021, SFEE became a member of the  International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) which represents research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations across the globe.Our vision

The formation a modern and sustainable healthcare system in Greece which will provide patients with equitable, timely and unimpededaccess to the best and safest treatments and medicines; support innovation and foster R&D of new treatments and medicines; provide accurate and comprehensive information to citizens enabling them to make informed decisions about their health; and ensure the highest security of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Our goal is to actively contribute to the Greek economy growth and its competitiveness boosting, contributing at the same time to modernizing the National Health System and securing its sustainability, for a healthy and productive society.Our values

Our values express our core beliefs and underlie our initiatives which aspire to make a decisive contribution towards better public health and patients’ access to innovative medicines and treatments:

  • Leadership Behavior
  • Cooperation
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency

We have identified six values, reflecting the way we work to achieve a high level of public health and thus to create conditions for social progress and economic growth.Our proposals for a robust National Patient-Centred Health System

At a crucial time, not only for the pharmaceutical industry, but for the country itself, SFEE has compiled a list of realistic and comprehensive proposals based on 7 pillars of actions:

Pillar 1. Reframe the public pharmaceutical budget. Define a pharmaceutical budget that covers the needs of the population comprehensively, considering the current and immediate future needs of the population and the available products.

Pillar 2. Increase efficiency. Promote a new modus operandi for the prescription of medicines to rationalize consumption for both retail and hospital medicines.

Pillar 3. Review the payback mechanism (clawback) to work as an incentive to reduce excessive spending across the system while also maintaining the industry and the sustainability of the industry.

Pillar 4. Enhance patients access to innovative therapies. Ensure the affordability, equitable and timely access of innovative therapies to the Greek market, via an effective, dynamic, and continuous Health Technology Assessment (HTA) process.

Pillar 5. Promote investments. Create an environment that allows planning, facilitates development, and attracts investments with the aim of achieving overall economic and business growth.

Pillar 6. Enhance system oversight and leverage digital capabilities. Create a clear governance structure for all the organizations involved in the Greek healthcare value chain and leverage digital technologies in increasing the overall efficiency of the value chain.

Pillar 7. Promote Social & Ethical Responsibility. Promote a cultural shift regarding the role of the pharmaceutical companies in the Greek healthcare environment. Pharmaceutical companies need to engage actively in Corporate Social Responsibility activities and safeguard ethical practices.

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