Clinical Trials

Clinical Research can provide new breath and impetus to Public Health and Development of GreeceGreece’s position on the international map of development, led by the pharmaceutical industry, depends decisively on the establishment of the country as a strong center for clinical research. The development of the field of clinical research and the promotion of its role for the welfare of the society, but also the economy of the country is a key priority for SFEE and its member companies. The aim of the Association, as well as of all its members, is to make our country a hub for conducting clinical trials with an international impact that will give new breath and impetus to both Public Health and the National Economy.

Greece has the potential and the guarantees to be a reference center for clinical trials and in fact our estimates, which are based on the strategy followed by other countries with similar capabilities, show that in a very short period of time investments in clinical research can reach 250 million Euros on an annual basis. This is because Greece, both in terms of health infrastructure and especially in terms of highly trained human resources, has strong competitive advantages.

Significant steps have been taken to attract investment, but there is much room for improvement as this sector is highly competitive internationally. The highly productive and promising area of Clinical Research should emerge as one of the top priorities of Health Policy. The creation of research orientation in the health structures involved in the conduct of clinical research programs, the smooth flow of procedures and the creation of relevant incentives are the key points, which can improve the respective indicators of our country’s activity in Clinical Research, an element that will lead to the attraction of significant investment funds.

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