Database creation

Database creation

Database creation

Database creation


Dear  Colleagues,

SFEE’s Committee for Growth having decided to pursue its activation in a more focused way the period ahead on the pillars of Development and Innovation and  Funding Programs, decided to build a database with the executives of its member companies responsible for Development and Strategic Planning, Research Operations and Funding Tools, so that all efforts are more coordinated and reflect the needs of the companies following relevant consultation.

In this context please update the attached file with the names and the communication details of the apposite executives of your company dealing with the above issues by sending the data to the consideration of Ms Zoe Magklara at [email protected]  if possible by Monday, June 15, 2015 .

We are at your disposal for any further information or clarification, and we thank you in advance for your valuable cooperation.

Costas Panagoulias

Vice President od SFEE, Responsible for Develoment Issues        

Costas Babalis

Working Group Coordinator for Development-InnovationFinancial Tools

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