Sandoz is one of the world’s leading companies in generic and biosimilar medicines and is committed to actively contributing to expanding access to treatment for more patients around the world.

With a broad portfolio of about 1,500 molecules covering key therapeutic areas, Sandoz provides her products to more than 500 million patients globally. This broad offering for patients and healthcare providers translates into substantial and ongoing cost savings and helps ensure the sustainability of healthcare systems, while freeing up funding resources for innovative medicines.


Sandoz Hellas

Sandoz Hellas operates as an affiliate of the Sandoz Group, providing mainly generic and biosimilar medicines in the Greek market, aiming to improve patient access to affordable and high-quality medicines.

More specifically, it provides a broad portfolio of products in key therapeutic categories such as Oncology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Neurology and Multiple Sclerosis, increasing access to critical treatments and saving resources for the healthcare system and the patients.

The Greek team consists of nearly 60 employees, who, guided by a shared culture based on integrity and inclusion, are dedicated to contributing collaboratively and creating a positive impact on the local community.


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