It takes effort to reach and keep a leading position. It takes vision, dedication to the company’s goals and hard work.
We feel proud in the fact that, without compromising our principals, we have succeeded in keeping VIANEX at the top of the Greek Pharmaceutical Industry for many years and through our achievements, to contribute to the development of our national economy.

Established in:1924


Our aim is to remain a pioneering pharmaceutical firm and, to this end, we employ our vast experience and our skills in strategic planning as well as our enthusiasm to meet new challenges in order to bring the future in focus.

The successful and long-lasting partnerships with firms of international reputation, which honour us with their trust and confidence, allow us to continuously develop our know-how for product evolution according to the highest quality standards.

A key factor of our success is, undoubtedly, the contribution of our high caliber personnel, which is carefully selected of its professional integrity and it is creatively managed to fulfill the company’s objectives.
Moreover, through a dynamic investment programme -which has started early enough to fully support our business plan- we are determining the Company’s further growth and financial strength.

We are dedicated to maintain our leading position in the Greek market.
A position, which is not an end in itself, but a vision of creation, progress and excellence.”

Pavlos D. Giannakopoulos
Founder of Vianex SA



  • Address: Tatoiou Str.-18Km Athens-Lamia National Road – 14671 N. Erithrea-Greece

  • Telephone:+30 (210) 80 09 111
  • Fax:+30 (210) 80 71573
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

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