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Press News

Press News | 04.07.2024

Title Media Publ. Date
NHS doctors with a private practice Apogevmatini 04/07/2024
New medicine against Alzheimer’s disease Kathimerini 04/07/2024
Increasing penetration and motivating doctors Naftemporiki 04/07/2024
“Autopsies” in the state apparatus Ta Nea 04/07/2024


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Web Monitoring Report for the period 03/07 – 04/07

Title Media Publ. Date
Changes are coming to medicines – What will happen to the prices? 04/07/2024
Anthony Aouad at the helm of Sanofi Greece 04/07/2024
Olympios Papadimitriou: Strong challenges for the Health system 03/07/2024
Tryfon: Greece has a strong production base, the clawback is a “weight” – Georgiadis: Support measures for generics are coming 03/07/2024
Signing of the MD on the definition of the terms, conditions and the procedure for the exercise of private work by the doctors of the NHS 04/07/2024
Speech by the Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis at the 28th annual “Economist Government Roundtable” in the discussion on “The strategy for an inclusive and resilient public health care system” 03/07/2024
NHS: Pooling of budgets – Struggle for staff support 04/07/2024
Albert Burla: We are on the cusp of a pharmaceutical renaissance 04/07/2024
Adonis Georgiadis: Clawback reduction by 300 million euros in 2024 03/07/2024
EOF: What it announced about 34 generics that are being tested for bioequivalence problems 03/07/2024
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