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Press News

Press News | 26.03.2024

Title Media Publ. Date
Increases in 200 generic medicines to prevent withdrawal Apogevmatini 24/03/2024
Which vaccines should adults and vulnerable groups get? El. Typos 24/03/2024
End the prescription “industry” Kathimerini 23/03/2024
Strict fines for doctors who overprescribe Naftemporiki 26/03/2024
Insurance capacity: Regulation for those who owe up to 100 euros Naftemporiki 26/03/2024
Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises Naftemporiki 26/03/2024
Free examinations for 2.5 million women Parapolitika 23/03/2024
Lives are being lost due to medicine shortages of 3 euros To Vima 24/03/2024
Hospital-acquired infections are a scourge To Vima 24/03/2024
Adonis Georgiadis: EOPYY must develop into a modern insurance company To Vima 24/03/2024
Olympios Papadimitriou: Did the investment clawback benefit the pharmaceutical industry? To Vima 24/03/2024
Stavros Theodorakis: Can a pharmaceutical policy meet innovation? To Vima 24/03/2024
Lambrina Barbetaki: Market conditions make the ability of companies to introduce new innovative medicines doubtful To Vima 24/03/2024
Aris Aggelis: Towards a new national pharmaceutical policy To Vima 24/03/2024
Elena Houliara: Investing in innovation is a condition for the health of all of us To Vima 24/03/2024
Michael Himonas: Incentives are needed to attract investments in conducting clinical trials To Vima 24/03/2024
Spyros Filiotis: The development of science requires the strategic decision to support clinical trials To Vima 24/03/2024
Nathalie Moll: The pharmaceutical industry is closer to patients than ever before To Vima 24/03/2024
Theodoros Tryfon: Greece is turning into a European superpower in pharmaceutical production To Vima 24/03/2024
Kostas Skrekas: We are focusing on re-industrializing Greece and attracting investments To Vima 24/03/2024


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