Priority set in Public Health: a coalition of all in the fight against cancer

Halandri, February 2, 2023. – Representatives of patient associations, the medical, academic and scientific community, and the pharma sector submitted to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Health their joint proposals to pursue the national dialogue on the creation of a modern and effective National Action Plan against Cancer. The proposals are the product of cooperation of the various bodies, that focused on the protection and promotion of Public Health and the equitable access of patients to optimal therapies.

Public Health, access to innovation, and personalized patient care constitute the main pillars of the European Commission initiatives, while the EU Beating Cancer Plan constitutes the first (and perhaps last) integrated holistic approach to the fight against the disease, starting from the issues of prevention and reaching those of life quality for both cancer patients and their care-takers. In the context of the World Day against Cancer (February 4), let this action become the onset of the joint elaboration of an integrated, always patient-centered, policy for the prevention of and fight against cancer.

Please find attached:

  1. The joint proposals of the various bodies for the creation of a modern and effective National Action Plan against Cancer &
  2. The “White Book” drafted by the SFEE working group on Cancer.
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