“proSfEEroume” visited the Department of Recovery and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Voula, Attica

“proSfEEroume” visited the Department of Recovery and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Voula, Attica


“proSfEEroume” visited the Department of Recovery and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Voula, Attica

Athens, December 14th, 2023.– As part of the social responsibility initiative “proSfEEroume“,  the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) and the Hellenic Red Cross (HRC) visited the Recovery and Rehabilitation Department for Children with Disabilities in Voula, Attica (PAAPAB). The visit aimed to reinforce and psychologically stimulate children with disabilities hosted there. SFEE generously donated a large quantity of medical supplies to meet the increased needs of PAAPAB, which accommodates approximately 94 children of various ages. Simultaneously, a large Christmas celebration was organized at the Branch by volunteers and staff of the Red Cross’s Social Welfare Sector, which included festive music by DJs, performance by magician Toto and his associates, a festive meal, and personalized gifts for the children.

The HRC has been supporting this Centre for many years through a dedicated team of Social Welfare Volunteers, who visit the Branch on a weekly basis, offering creative activities and entertainment to children, in collaboration with the Centre’s managers. Additionally, they implement entertainment and educational events, community outings, visits to cultural sites, attendance at theatrical performances, etc.

The “proSfEEroume” initiative ongoing since the end of 2016, has contributed pharmaceutical material, consumables, basic necessities, first aid supplies, school materials, toys and handicraft materials in 14 regions across the country. The initiative also includes first aid and volunteering training seminars.

Dr. Antonios Avgerinos, President of HRC, stated: “The Hellenic Red Cross, through its voluntary humanitarian workforce, collaborates with SFEE to strengthen social cohesion, solidarity, and activate civil society. Our aim is to prevent marginalization and isolation of vulnerable social groups and empower the voluntary movement in our country”.

Maria Leontari, SFEE’s Communications Director, stated: “We are proud of our cooperation with the Hellenic Red Cross, embracing the needs of children and vulnerable social groups hosted in Social Welfare Structures and Centres and facing significant health problems. Through its “proSfEEroume” initiative, SFEE, in collaboration with the HRC, supports these people in need with pharmaceutical and medical supplies. Our goal is to help as many of our fellow human beings as we can. We are committed to continue this effort, after all, our goal is to support society, so that everyone is well, today more than ever, and so that everyone can hope for a better future.”

For more information on the “proSfEEroume” initiative, kindly visit SFEE’s website at:

About the HRC:

From 1877 until today, the Hellenic Red Cross continues to carry out its humanitarian work by providing support and care services to the most vulnerable population groups in the country.  In cooperation with other institutional bodies, state or not, the Hellenic Red Cross stands by every person, family or group facing difficulties without setting racial, ethnic or economic limits on its action.  At the same time, when and when there is a need abroad, the Hellenic Red Cross is activated in cooperation with the National Associations of other countries to send international aid.

With deep humanitarian ideals and a sense of responsibility, the Hellenic Red Cross was and is present at the most important historical events in Greece and internationally and continues to carry out its complex humanitarian work aimed at people and the protection of their dignity, with respect for human rights and International Humanitarian Law.

About SFEE:

The Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) represents one of the most innovative, productive and extrovert sectors of the national economy. Its 57 member companies are constantly investing in the creation of effective medicines and treatments to ensure everyone’s right to health and a better quality of life.

SFEE was founded in 1982 and works to promote positions that support the common interests of patients, pharmaceutical companies, and their employees. Since 1983 SFEE has been a member of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies & Associations) and since 2021 a member of IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry & Associations).

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