#WeWontRest #Συνεχίζουμε

#WeWontRest #Συνεχίζουμε

#WeWontRest #Συνεχίζουμε


Illness never sleeps.
When everyone else is having 40 winks, illness is running round the block. Illness doesn’t sleep like a log or doze in an armchair. You might think it does, but it always
gives itself a shake, ups its game and gets on with it.
Illness never sleeps, and medical innovation needs to be one step ahead, so that breakthroughs can be made.
And we won’t rest until we’ve helped make the world a healthier place for everyone.


“Illness never sleeps”: The strapline of this campaign testifies to the tireless commitment of pharmaceutical companies to combat disease. Adapted from a pan-European campaign launched by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) this initiative is a direct response to the expressed need by the public for information on the current status of research into new treatments.

Illness never sleeps #WeWontRest #Συνεχίζουμε #SFEE Video



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Key figures on the research conducted by pharmaceutical companies


·         7,000 new medicines currently in development

·         Cancer: 1,800 new medicines in development

·         3 million lives saved worldwide each year thanks to vaccines

·         AIDS: 160 new medicines in development

·         Heart diseases: 600 new medicines in development

·         Diabetes: 475 new medicines in development

·         Eczema, psoriasis: 277 new medicines in development

·         Rare diseases: 567 new medicines in development

·         Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease: 1,300 new medicines in development

·         Hepatitis C: over 95% of treated patients recover. 29 new medicines in development


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To view EFPIA’s campaign We Won’t Rest follow the link: https://efpia.eu/we-wont-rest/wewontrest/

Brighter Tomorrow

We won’t rest until every day is a good day.
Until families are no longer torn apart by illness.
Until diseases like diabetes don’t control people’s lives.
And cancer isn’t a scary word.
With over 7,000 new medicines in development, we won’t rest until everyone affected by disease
can look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

#WeWontRest For a Brighter Tomorrow #Συνεχίζουμε #SFEE Video


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Alzheimer’s For a Brighter Tomorrow #WeWontRest #Συνεχίζουμε #SFEE (17” Video)



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Cancer For a Brighter Tomorrow #WeWontRest #Συνεχίζουμε #SFEE (17” Video)



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Diabetes For a Brighter Tomorrow #WeWontRest #Συνεχίζουμε #SFEE (17” Video)



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For the chance

Millions of people wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for life-changing science.
And many more wouldn’t be living the lives they do.
We won’t rest until research into disease means everyone gets a second chance.

#WeWontRest For The Chance To… #Συνεχίζουμε για την ευκαιρία να… #SFEE Video



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Connecting Healthcare

With the challenges facing healthcare in Europe, no one sector has all the answers. Everyone in healthcare and health research shares the goal of improving the lives of patients. If we can work together right across the patient journey to improve outcomes that really matter to patients then there is great potential to address the challenges. It’s about partnership and collaboration. It’s about making connections.
What does this mean in practice? How does our shared desire for collaboration translate into innovation, research, and regulation?
Networks are being built; processes, optimized. Examples of these include an online epilepsy support community, the provision of hepatitis C testing, improved stroke care and diabetes education for kids.
When we connect in healthcare, everything is possible. And we won’t rest until everyone benefits.


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mRNA vaccines


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Gene therapies


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CAR-T therapies


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