SfEE condolences for the loss of Thanassis Lavidas



Athens, May 10 2021.– The Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE), the Board of Directors, and its member companies express their heartfelt condolences to the family of Thanasis Lavidas, as well as to the Lavipharm Group.

Thanasis Lavidas took over the family business in 1976 and created the existing Group, which holds a leading position in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of medicines, cosmetics, and health products not only in Greece but also with strong international activity. A model businessman, pioneer, and visionary, as well as a great scientist, he gave a unique boost to the Greek pharmaceutical industry and entrepreneurship, while his achievements marked an entire era.

He was distinguished for his passion for innovation, his devotion to the Lavipharm family, but also for his great love for our country, which he always promoted abroad. He was known for his unprecedented extroversion and his unique talent in negotiations and in 2011 the French government awarded him with the title of the Knight in the Legion of Honor, as a tribute for his contribution to promoting the dialogue among nations and cooperation of the countries in the Mediterranean Basin and more specifically between Greece and France.

Thanasis Lavidas had also been a member of the SFEE Board of Directors, was President of the Hellenic Business Association (EENE), and Chairman of the Greece-America Business Council, while among others, he was Vice Chairman of the Board of the Association of Greek Industries (SEV) and he was in charge of its international activity (SEV International). The absence of Thanasis Lavidas leaves a very big gap in SFEE and the business world, both of which are mourning his loss.

He was a Man of excellence who was also modest, insightful, and unpretentious, with moral principles and a unique kindness, a shining example of a successful businessman and a great family man. His ethos and course of life have been and will continue to be a beacon for all of us, while the legacy of work he leaves behind will always remind us of this great man.

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