Today Adelco operates in two main areas: pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

In the field of Pharmaceuticals, Adelco circulates more than 70 formulations (Filicine, Minitran, Stedon, Normolose-H, Paroticin) for the treatment of diseases such as megaloblastic anemia, mental disorders, anxiety, insomnia, depression, hypertension, otitis media.

Adelco also features non-prescription medications like (Ponotex, Algine, Neomycodermol, Bronchotussine) for the treatment of diseases such as inflammatory arthritis, migraines, dental pain, pain from injuries, high fever, fungal infections, bronchopulmonary diseases.

In the field of consumer products Adelco offers the range OM – OR , the first shampoo manufactured and marketed in Greece, as well as the new range of cosmetic products Adelco Kids, Adelco Intense SPA, Adelco Velvet hand & body, Adelco Men’s Concept, Adelco Baby and Spartan Secret products.

The consumer products sector has been enriched with nutritional supplements and medical devices of the companies Pharma Line and S&R, which are imported from Italy and with innovative baby products which are imported from Swedish company Twistshake.

One of the key factors of the company’s success is due to the exceptional personnel staffing the sales departments, marketing, export, production, R&D, quality control and quality assurance.

The company occupies a modern vertical production site of 10000 sq.m., with 96 skilled persons, and a well-organized group of medical representatives and sales team throughout Greece and representatives in countries of Europe, MENA, Asia and Australia.

Additional Information:
Manufacturing company of pharmaceutical and cosmetics

Number of employees:

Foundation Year: 1934


  • Address: 37 Pireos Av. , 183 46 Moschato Greece

  • Telephone:+30 (210) 4819 311 -314
  • Fax:+30 (210) 4816 790
  • Website:

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