Chiesi Hellas is a subsidiary of the Italian multinational pharmaceutical company Chiesi Pharmaceutici SpA based in Parma, with a rich research work and innovative formulations, particularly in the field of respiratory diseases. The application of new technologies such as modulite technology, Chemistry Nobel awarded Host-Guest technology, and the research of new molecules by Chiesi, provides modern and reliable solutions to serious diseases such as asthma, chronic lung disease, cystic fibrosis, respiratory distress syndrome of newborns, apnoea of prematurity and hypertension.

Within a short time Chiesi Hellas has become a company with a strong presence in the Greek pharmaceutical market, high growth and promising future.


The basic philosophy of Chiesi focuses on three areas:

  • Innovative and reliable products
  • Transparent promotion processes with absolute respect to the physician’s function
  • Executives with a high degree of training, working in a human environment offering faith, confidence and perspective

Chiesi Hellas invests in its people and supports them. Understands the new challenges of the market and offers continues training and education which broadens the level and improves the skills of its people.

The vision of the Board of Directors is to create and maintain a team of high-level people, characterized by professionalism, willingness to implement challenging objectives, courtesy and character.

Recognizing the company’s responsibility towards society and people, we invest and support the educational development of health professionals, we contribute to programmes that modernize the health system and we endorse groups supporting patients with chronic or incurable diseases.


  • Additional Information: Internet Dept.: Theodoros Prionas

  • Address: Geroulanou Sq. & 1 Renou Poggi, 17455 Alimos, Athens

  • Telephone:+
  • Fax:+30.210.617.97.86
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

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