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Press Release


Donation of portable ECG machine, sanitary supplies and toys

to the Education & Social Welfare Structure


Athens, December 22, 2022 – The social initiative mission of “proSfEEroume” is back at Alexandroupolis, responding to a request made by the Special Vocational Training Lab hosting circa sixty (60) children with special skills.  “ProSfEEroume” offered hope once again, through the donation of a portable ESG machine, Covid-19 & Flu diagnostic Rapid Tests as well as toys for all the children of the Education & Social Welfare Structure. The journey of “ProSfEEroume”, which is a joint project and vision of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) and the Hellenic Red Cross (EES) started in the end of 2016 and aims at supporting vulnerable population groups, especially children, that live in remote areas of the country.

During their visit, the Presidents of EES and SFEE, Dr. Antonios Avgerinos and Mr. Olympios Papadimitriou respectively, had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Local Authorities and the Region, where they discussed the prospects of future cooperation on grounds of common interest.

The President of SFEE, Mr. Olympios Papadimitriou, expressing his optimism on the unimpeded continuation of the journey, stated: “In such a difficult era, the social initiative of “proSfEEroume” has managed to unite our country in an embrace of solidarity. The smile appearing today on the faces of the children of the Education & Social Welfare Structure is sufficient for us to overcome any possible hurdle and continue in our work unperturbed”.

The President of EES, Dr. Antonios Avgerinos, noted on the matter: “The journey of “proSfEEroume” to the frontier city of Alexandroupolis filled us with joy and optimism. The big embrace and love that our young friends showed in receiving us is the biggest satisfaction for us, as well as the trigger for us to expand and strengthen our humanitarian work, especially towards vulnerable population groups, regardless of age. Besides, this is the contemporary, social and innovative profile of solidarity of the current, reborn Hellenic Red Cross”.


For more information regarding the social initiative “proSfEEroume”. You may visit SfEE website:


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