SFEE position on the proposed amendment bringing change to drug pricing: Simplification of the procedure and greater transparency, but the distortions are not corrected



Athens, November 12th, 2019: The process of re-pricing of medicines, which has been delayed for several months, is finally taking place. The process of pricing new drugs, which has also been delayed, should also be launched. The proposed amendment gives greater predictability in prices, as exchange rate fluctuations are avoided, and a maximum annual reduction is placed. However, there is a strong concern that the existing distortions in drug prices are not remedied, even over time, with the consequence that the risk of drug shortages and withdrawals remains for the Greek patients.

In any case, a stable and balanced system of pricing and re-pricing of medicines over time is needed, on the one hand to ensure that patients have uninterrupted access to medications and on the other hand to be able to focus on the drug reimbursement system, which is one of the keys to controlling pharmaceutical expenditure.


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