First meeting of the founders of HMVO with the Ministry of Health

Athens, November 30, 2023 – Yesterday, at the Ministry of Health, the Secretary-General of Strategic Planning, Mr. Aris Angelis, and the President of EOF (National Organization for Medicines), Professor of Pharmacology at the Medical School of Democritus University of Thrace, Mr. Evangelos Manolopoulos, met with representatives from SFEE, PEF, PhARMA, SAFEE on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, and PFS on behalf of pharmacists. These organizations represent the founding members of the newly established Greek Medicines Verification Organization (HMVO), focusing on the safety features of human-use medicines.

HMVO is a non-profit legal entity that will create, manage, operate, maintain, and oversee the “Greek Medicines Verification System” (HMVS). This initiative is in compliance with European Regulation 2016/161, which establishes detailed rules regarding the safety features displayed on the packaging of medicines for human use (for more information:

The implementation of the Regulation was a requirement for Greece, and the organization will be fully operational on February 9, 2025.

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