Illness never sleeps

Illness never sleeps

"Illness never sleeps"

The strapline of this campaign testifies to the tireless commitment of pharmaceutical companies to combat disease.

“Illness never sleeps.
When everyone else is having 40 winks, illness is running round the block. Illness doesn’t sleep like a log or doze in an armchair. You might think it does, but it always
gives itself a shake, ups its game and gets on with it.
Illness never sleeps, and medical innovation needs to be one step ahead, so that breakthroughs can be made.
And we won’t rest until we’ve helped make the world a healthier place for everyone.”


Adapted from a pan-European campaign launched by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) this initiative is a direct response to the expressed need by the public for information on the current status of research into new treatments.
See here the EFPIA campaign.



Find below and download the campaign banners so that together we can spread its resounding messages. #wewontrest #συνεχιζουμε

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