At SFEE we know that patient engagement throughout the life cycle of a medicine means better outcomes for patients, for healthcare systems and for society as a whole. Patients’ experiences, an understanding of the challenges they face and an honest exchange of views can shape the future of medical research to better address their unmet needs. Our main concern is to promote constructive dialogue and transparent exchange of information, building relationships of trust and respect. Only through meaningful communication between patients and industry can we ensure that the patient perspective becomes an integral part of the way medicines are researched, developed and delivered to patients.

Patient Associations are one of our key partners and cooperation with them is governed by clear and transparent rules. Relations with Patient Associations are regulated through the EFPIA Code and the SFEE Code.


In the context of this cooperation, we have established the SFEE Patient Think Tank, an open dialogue forum where representatives of Patient Associations and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry meet regularly to exchange ideas, opinions and information on current issues affecting patients.

The effective inclusion of patients is a priority for SFEE.





Promoting collaborative best practices where the patient is an integral part of the decision-making process. This also applies to the development of SFEE’s policy throughout the life cycle of a medicine, through development, access and use.


Achieving better health outcomes through meaningful, balanced and equitable collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and Patient Associations.


  • Clarity of goals
  • Transparency
  • Independence
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Inclusion
  • Continuity, commitment & consistency


View and download presentations created in the context of relevant workshops.


  • Olympios Papadimitriou

    Olympios Papadimitriou

    Pharmaceutical industry & patient associations: Companions to a cure

  • Peristeris


    Thoughts on Working together with patient organizations

  • Kyr. Souliotis

    Kyr. Souliotis

    Patient participation in health policy decision-making: research findings from Europe

  • Ian Banks | Patient Advisory Committee EFPIA Think Tank

    Ian Banks | Patient Advisory Committee EFPIA Think Tank

    Working Together Athens 2019

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