Translation - New GG - Prescription limits per physician prescribing for EOPYY

GG 595/B/11.3.2014



Includes the Ministerial Decision Γ.Π./ΟΙΚ.5239 entitled: “Prescription limits per physician prescribing for EOPYY”.


  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Healthcare Competition “SFEE Innovation Project”

  • Total Sales, Sums collected and Sums still Pending by the State towards SFEE’s Member Companies


  • Final report on "Policy mix for the reimbursement of medicines"

    January 2014

  • 2014 - Price Bulletins


Press Releases

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  • The state must guarantee the minimum requirements for a sustainable pharmaceutical care
  • Greece needs a reform of mentality and a surplus of courage to implement structural reforms in the health sector
  • SfEE’s New Year’s Reception

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