Social Responsibility

At SFEE we understand that Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our identity, our mission and our identity. We stand by the side of society and patients, actively contributing to the support of our fellow citizens in need. In collaboration with our members, we undertake actions and support social responsibility and solidarity initiatives that focus on the pillars of society and patients, the workplace and care for environmental sustainability.

The actions we implement:

  • Social initiative “proSfEEroume” – Strategic synergy with the Hellenic Red Cross for the support of Social Structures mainly in border areas
  • Support for Patient Associations
  • Information and awareness campaigns on various diseases
  • Academic research projects


The Corporate Social Responsibility program of SFEE is based on the key strategic pillars of Development, Public Health and Society, with the ultimate goal of actively contributing to the promotion of Public Health and the support of vulnerable social groups.

At the Association we operate based on Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility.

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