International Clinical Trials Day 2020

International Clinical Trials Day 2020

On the occasion of the International Clinical Trials Day (May 20th) the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) stresses, once again, the important role of Clinical Trials in the conquest of the boon of Good Public Health. All the more so, under the current conjecture, the importance of Clinical Research is validated through the huge endeavour of a large number of clinical trials (more than 1000) taking place worldwide, with a view to fighting the pandemic and finding a vaccine and a cure for the COVID-19 disease.

The global community has placed its hopes on clinical research, in order to deal with the current pandemic and prepare and secure protection against eventual future ones.

The benefits drawn from clinical trials are multiple, primarily for the patients participating in them, since the latter are offered rapid access to new treatments, free medicines and free lab tests and diagnostics, while having constant and continuous high-level medical monitoring. At the same time, clinical research attracts direct foreign investments (FDI), introduces research know-how, enhances entrepreneurship and employment of high-caliber scientific personnel with state-of-the-art education, saves resources for the National Health System and substantially contributes in the development of National Economy.

The strategic objective of SFEE and its member companies is the promotion of our country as a Clinical Trials Hub of international appeal, which will offer a new breath and boost both Public Health and National Economy.



#WeWontRest until there is a COVID-19 vaccine for everyone

The research-based pharmaceutical industry is working around the clock at extraordinary speed to develop a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19 and to protect people against future outbreaks.






  • president of National Organization for Health, Prof. Dimitris Filippou

  • president of UoA Medical School, Prof. Petros Sfikakis

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