Running for the Athens Hospice for the Disabled

Press Release

Running for the Athens Hospice for the Disabled

Every breath we take is a hug for the patients of the Hospice


Athens, 14 November 2016.- With commitment to humans and social solidarity and as part of its ongoing “Prosfeeroume” (“We give”) initiative, the Hellenic Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) actively participated in the 34th Athens Authentic Marathon. Along with their presence as runners, the SFEE team also contributed to promoting the broader goals of the event by supporting financially the important work done by the Athens Hospice of the Disabled.

We have nothing but warm thanks for the SFEE team, who ran for the Hospice at the 34th Athens Authentic Marathon. Their thoughtful effort gives us strength, courage and hope to continue our own race, a race we run every day on the rough paths created by the current economic crisis”, said Ms Ioanna Iliadi, Chair of the Board of the Hospice for the Disabled.

 SFEE’s President, Mr Pascal Apostolides, in turn stated: “Our participation in the 34th Athens Authentic Marathon fills us with joy, pride and, more importantly, a sense of responsibility. By our active support, we continue to build a society of solidarity and community and to invest in your country’s future. In a challenging time not only for the economy but also for society, we work to ensure that the Prosfeeroume initiative can embrace each and every of our fellow citizens in need”.